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  • Who can join Youth Rush?
    Anyone who is 16-25 and is willing to make the 10-week commitment to work for God can apply and join!
  • Where is the program located?
    We stay in and canvass many cities throughout all of Southeastern California, including Loma Linda, Riverside, San Diego, and Orange County.
  • How long is the program?
    Youth Rush is a 10-week long commitment, beginning on June 9 and ending August 17, 2024.
  • What if my school schedule conflicts with the program schedule?
    We make exceptions for major events, and exceptions are treated on a case-by-case basis.
  • What's the work schedule like? Do we take time off?
    We work Sundays to Thursdays and do fun activities on the weekends, for example we have a camping weekend, we go to the beach, and even have a retreat to Catalina Island near the end of the summer. In addition to that, there is a weekend in the middle of the summer where you can go home.
  • How much do I get paid?
    The average student earns $5,000. In addition to that, there is a matching scholarship that is given if you attend an Adventist school. See 'Scholarships' for more info.
  • How often do I get paid?
    Every 2 weeks, you can choose to receive either a mailed paycheck, or a direct deposit.
  • How does the scholarship match work?
    You must present your final check to the financial office at your academy or university. Different schools may have different details on what you need to do, so contact your school's financial office for specifics.
  • Can I request to be in a certain location, or request to be with my friends?
    Yes, once you have been accepted as a student you can submit requests. However, due to the complex process of making sure that each program is balanced, we can't guarantee every single request.
  • Are there any referral bonuses?
    Yes! You will earn $100 for every friend you refer that joins Youth Rush.
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